Founded in Milan in 2008, Zapparoli Architettura is the creation of Gabriele Zapparoli. He built his passion into a profession, drawing from it in every project he undertakes. The studio specializes in the design and construction of residential and commercial environments, particularly refurbishment of abandoned buildings and incorporation of their most appealing elements.

Our approach is a customer-oriented partnership. We collaborate closely with the client at every design phase: property selection, construction-potential analysis, administration related to building codes and practices, materials selection, project updates, and completion.

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Our foundation is providing unique and superior solutions to what our clients want. We interpret their needs and ideas through a modern, but fundamentally artisan, practice. For example, our research and selection of materials is a mix of innovative and fresh ideas with proven solutions.

Our architectural and design concepts are oriented towards quality in detail as well as cost containment. Every effort is on finding a measured balance for tailor-made creations that maximize the potential of each environment.

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